Video for TransFORM Conference

This is the video I recorded for the TransFORM Conference which was held this past weekend in Washington, D. C. It couldn’t be showed due to audio problems of origin in this video:

Now this is the text of the video:

Hello, this Natanael Disla, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

For a long time, churches in Latin America and Caribbean have been isolated from culture, isolated themselves from their context, but in recent years many people have been thinking about how to be church in these new contexts, how to (do) mission have been reshaping, how to think theologically, and to dialog with our immediate context. Many churches and communities have been formed in countries like Venezuela, Chile, Dominican Republic, and others, that recapture the many of the lost traditions of the church; recapture the meditation, the lectio divina, and also took the social justice, by being at side (with) people that suffer oppression, hunger, poverty and any discrimination.

We have two tasks in this postcolonial context in the region: the first one is to recapture our identity; and the second task, is () how to be in conversation, in dialog and in action, with people that suffer oppression, and how to be engaged and embodied the culture. There’s another challenge: the quality of theological education and ministry education. For many years, we have been suffer(ing) from a fundamentalis(t) approach in theology and in doing mission, and many people have been rethinking, have been asking questions, we are beginning to not be afraid to ask questions, not be afraid to reshaping our way of thinking in doing mission, in being church. There’s a tension at times when some people (are) at stake to change or not, to accomplish, to (take) part (in) some changes, but… This is a challenge in our region: the interreligious dialogue. There’s the reality that there are many religious expressions in our context, that church has been (afraid) to dialog with, afraid to being embody with, been affected by these expressions.

There are many challenges, there are many tasks to do, but one thing is sure: that there is hope, we have hope… For a long time, we haven’t seen with the eyes of the other, that in some time, we can see and look directly to the eyes of the oppression, poverty and being affected by the other, and change our way of doing mission, church and theology.




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